Stacy Agee Martin
Director, Communications & Development

Often heard proclaiming that she has the best and most fun job in the world, Stacy feels privileged to share Fortress’s mission and to raise the funds needed to keep it operational (and growing!). Her job keeps her on her toes creatively (grant writing, graphic design, event planning), challenges her professionally (campaign management, outcomes analysis and grant reporting), and feeds the extrovert in her (public speaking, social media and networking.) Though she never imagined herself working in the nonprofit sector (she always thought she’d grow up to be the next Erma Bombeck), she has found that this is exactly where she's meant to be.  She has presented on both the local stage (“Social Media Marketing (2015)” and “How to Ask for Matching Funds (2017)” for NTxGivingDay; Nonprofit Best Practices panelist with J.P.Morgan Philanthropy Center (2018), and on a national one (“Measuring Success in Social-Emotional Learning”, National Mentoring Summit (2017).

Stacy first came to Fortress as a volunteer in 2003 when she established a scrapbooking ministry for the moms and young women who attended Fortress Church. She joined the staff in a part-time communications role in 2008, and transitioned into her current role in 2012. Though she doesn't work one-on-one with the kids, one of her favorite things is when they come into her office for a hug. (Her second favorite thing is sending them back to class. ha!) She also cherishes the moments when former Fortress kids and parents stop by to say hello.

Stacy has lived in Fort Worth since college and is raising three teenage boys in what she believes is America's best hometown. She feels blessed to share a vision and passion - and an office - with her daughter Dani each day. If she's not at Fortress and not hanging out with her family, she's likely either 1) working on her WordyBirdy product line, 2) in the Starbucks drive-through, or 3) singing karaoke with the most wonderful man on the planet, Chris. She loves blue skies, craves the mountains, and desperately tries not to get beaten at Words with Friends.