Meredyth Johnson
Teacher - After School

Meredyth is the After School Bible Teacher at Fortress.  She plans to help our students learn more about what the bible says and how it can help them in their lives.  She is excited to help kids explore the many wonderful stories of the bible.

Meredyth studied at Baylor University for her Bachelors degree in Music Education and taught elementary music for a couple of years in the DFW area before she began her studies at Brite Divinity School on TCU’s campus to work on her Masters degree in Divinity.  Her focus there is on Pastoral Care.  She enjoys connecting with others and being with them through the many aspects of life.  While working at her last internship, she got to know some awesome people who introduced her to the Fortress Family and let her know when the opening came up for a bible teacher.

Meredyth is not yet married, but she is a great relationship with her partner, Ash.  Ash’s daughter, Tara, thinks she is awesome and loves to play with dinosaurs and watch Octonauts with her.  They also LOVE to read books, act like Disney princesses, and talk about animals.

Meredyth is so excited to join the Fortress family and be a part of a great organization.  She loves to work with people in their life journeys and knows that teaching at Fortress is a combination of her love of God’s people and teaching.  Her favorite verses in the bible come from 1 Corinthians 13.  Paul’s letter describes love well and helps her to know how much God loves everyone and that real love comes with celebration of good things and support for others without expectations of them being something that they are not.

Meredyth is a nerdy book/movie/music lover and is known to quote or sing things that are on her mind.  She loves all things Disney (yes, that includes Marvel and Star Wars), Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Chronicles of Narnia.  Honestly, Meredyth is a child at heart, but she has an old soul.  She looks forward to being a part of this community.