Cari Johnson
Teacher - early learning center & After School

This is Cari’s second year teaching in our After School program (working with 2nd grade) and her first year teaching preschool in the purple room (4-year olds). She loves getting to help kids cultivate the skills they need to be successful in life!

Cari has always taken joy in helping others. In high school, she took a special interest in working with children and studied Elementary Education during her time at Abilene Christian University.

Cari was involved in Girl Scouts for twelve years, and was honored with the Gold Award. As a senior in high school, she served as a drum major with the band and was a physics tutor. At home, she is the middle child, book ended by two brothers. She has two dogs who are named after rocks (her dad is a geologist and Cari's mom just deals with his antics!).