About Summer Mission Groups


Fortress welcomes up to 35 volunteers and 2 youth groups during each week of its summer program. Youth groups are designated to work with either our PreK-1st grade students (Silas Groups) or 2nd-6th grade students (Barnabas Groups). Volunteers must be entering 7th graders/12 years old at the time of their service.

Youth group volunteers are assigned to a small group of Fortress children with whom they form authentic relationships over the course of the week. They assist them with social activities and academic learning. Youth groups are also given responsibilities in the program, such as preparing the Bible lessons and crafts & activities for the Fortress children. Groups also host the week-end field trip.

Urban Experience

As part of our mission to our visiting groups, we lead groups in Urban Experience (UE) each week. UE consists of three parts and is completed in the afternoons after Fortress children go home. The three UE components are:

  1. Museum Visit. Groups visit the Lenora Rolla Heritage Museum to gain a deeper understanding of the history of our neighborhood and African Americans in the community. The tour is run by the Tarrant County Black Historical and Genealogical Society and is a must-see for visiting groups.

  2. Prayer Drive. The group is taken on a guided driving tour in and around the Fortress neighborhood. Led by a Fortress staff member, groups see up close the neighborhood that was once affluent and is now ravaged by drugs and prostitution, but is slowly recovering and revitalizing. They make various stops and will pray for specific areas and people.

  3. Poverty Simulation. Developed from a college training course, the simulation stretches groups and makes them consider their own lives and the ways their potential privilege affects their perceptions of the world around them.


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