Melissa Lucas
Teacher - early learning center

Melissa is currently teaching the older 2's and 3's in the morning and PreK3 -PreK4 in our After School program. This is her third year on staff at Fortress, but over the years, she has volunteered at many of our events. She also worked during the summers with her youth group in high school. Fortress has always held a special place in her heart so she is very excited to be here helping spread some love to our families and children!

You can find Melissa telling everyone that she LOVES her job. After years of odd jobs she has finally found something that she's passionate about. In early 2017, she joined two other Fortress co-workers to earn their Child Development Associate certification  and plans to continue on to the degree soon. To Melissa, Fortress isn't just a place for kids to be; it's a place for them to belong, where they connect and grow through a loving and nurturing environment. Seeing these kids every day warms her heart which is why she’s so passionate about furthering her career in Child Development!

Melissa has a 3 year old son named Dakota who is her reason for everything she does. She was born and raised in Texas and never wants to live anywhere else! She was adopted into a very big family and is the youngest of six kids!  Melissa is actually the fourth person in her family to be working at Fortress, so you could say the passion runs in the family. When she isn't at Fortress you can find her with playing with Dakota or binge watching TV shows.