Gaby 2018.JPG

Gaby Magana
Teacher - Preschool & aFTER sCHOOL

It’s Gaby’s Third-year at Fortress, where she teaches 2 year olds in our preschool, and PreK in After School. She organizes activities for the kids, assists them during their homework time. Gaby attended Tarrant County College and completed her CDA in February 2019.

She always dreamed of being a teacher, and she wanted her first experience to be as an assistant for a PreK program. After hearing about her passions and vision for her career, Fortress opened a spot for her in the PreK program. She was excited to become a part of the Fortress family!

She loves working with kids when they need help. She gives them all the attention they need. During Gaby's free time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, and she loves going shopping.