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Chaz Monk
Teacher - After School

Chaz is a graduate from Southwest High School in Fort Worth TX, where he excelled in math, football, and track & field. After completing high school, he attended Abilene Christian University and later joined the Army National Guard for 8 years and served a year deployed in Kuwait.

His interests include anything to do with health, happiness and being the best you can be. In Chaz’s personal time, he enjoys exercising, exploring, and hanging out with friends and family. Also, he tries to find time to get away and play games such as chess and compete in video game tournaments.

Chaz enjoys offering his fun loving spirit at Fortress as a floater. He believes that empowering kids to be more confident in their own space, while still being respectful and polite, is key. He also believes that kids deserve to have a safe educational environment to learn and grown in. Fortress strives every day to provide a lasting impact on each child that comes through the door and he feels very proud to be a part of the experience.