Charly Montano
Teacher - After School

As long as he can remember, Charly has been traveling with his family. His father is a preacher who was born and raised in Bolivia, South America until he moved to the United States at 18 years old to go to college and Seminary.  He taught Charly, his mom, his older sister Carlena, and his younger brother Caleb how to sing and play some instruments native to Bolivia and added them to the ministry. The Montano’s family ministry has consisted of singing both contemporary songs and Native Andean music, as well as playing along with a few instruments.

The first time Charly rode a plane into another country was when he was 2 years old in December of 2000. In 3rd grade, heI became a part of a church puppets team that performs Christian educational programs in local elementary schools and nursing homes. He continued in this ministry for the next 3 years and in 7th grade, became a teacher in the same class for new puppeteers. His sister and brother both had similar experiences, so they added a puppet ministry to the family ministry. 

Charly was homeschooled all of his life due to all the traveling the family did. He graduated high school in 2016 and began attending Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus where he is working on his Associate of Arts. He is also a teacher of a Missional Community at Wedgwood Baptist Church. He has had the blessing of ministering to churches in 42 different states of the U.S., as well as churches in 36 other countries. He’s been a singer, musician, puppeteer, teacher, counselor, and mentor. He currently serves as the President of Chi Alpha (XA) which is the Christian student ministry at TCC, and began working at Fortress in August.

Over the summer of 2018, Charly looked back on his life and was able to see all the ways he was able to help other school-aged kids with just the limited knowledge of his teenage self. He then knew that with more education, he could refine his skills and be more effective at helping people. Upon that realization, he committed to making Student Ministry his profession and to obtain his bachelor’s degree in psychology.