Teacher - Fortress after school

Alejandra joined the After School team in August 2018. She is currently working with Kindergarten students, where she helps them with their homework and teaches Bible stories. She enjoys teaching kids that “God is big enough” and is the BEST savior in their lives. Alejandra wants her students to embrace the value of learning and to mold their little minds into continuing their education. Alejandra let students know that her job is to keep them safe and it’s the students’ jobs to help keep each other safe. 

Alejandra is a Oscar Dean Wyatt high school graduate - 2014 baby! and is currently attending Tarrant County College. Her goal is to get her associates degree and transfer to UT-Arlington where she’ll earn her degree in Education or Nursing. She enjoys being with kids but also would love to work in the medical field, and wants to become a school nurse. Alejandra is proud to get the opportunity to work with Fortress because this will help her get the experience she needs with working with kids and teachers.

Alejandra has also been a volunteer at her church called “San Miguel”, where her duties sent her to Glen Park Elementary School after school to teach kids about God. She really enjoyed it and will hope to do it again this school year. 

During her free time she enjoys spending time with her family. Alejandra has a couple of pets at home and her ranch. She owns two dogs, Maggie and Max, two chickens and a donkey. As you can see she loves animals! 

Alejandra also enjoys traveling. She fell in love with the world! Hiking is her passion. So far other than Texas, she has traveled to California, Arizona, and North Carolina. She is hoping to travel all states and when she wins the lottery she hopes to travel all over the world!