"I pray the lessons we learned . . . continue on well past today" by Cori Pequeno - lead intern Summer JAM 2015

This is it, we've reached the end of the summer. Reflecting back on the summer, it was one of transition, flexibility, and new and old friends. The 90 plus children that walked through the Fortress door this summer all felt the special touch that Summer JAM 2015 brought.

Fortress not only welcomed 90 plus children, but 11 or so youth groups from across Texas and Arkansas. The middle school and high school teens, sponsors, and youth ministers all brought their own offerings of self-sacrifice and love to our kids and staff this summer. They made impressions that will hopefully stay with our kids for years to come.

This summer we loved, we cried, we ministered, we thought, we listened. As Summer JAM reaches an official end today, I pray the lessons we learned and the love we all felt continues on well past today and into the school year.