"The smallest things can make all the difference . . ." by Darcy Todd - Woodland West Church of Christ

Out of all the trips I've been on this summer, Fortress definitely ranks first. My time here has been a very unique experience that has taught me many valuable lessons. I had three amazing buddies who made this week worth remembering. Working with all of the kids and having the urban experience has really opened my eyes to the real world. I am extremely lucky to have all that I do, and these kids deserve all the love and respect I can give them. They are extremely blessed to have such incredible staff members to run Fortress. The smallest things can make all the difference in these kids lives, even if it's just a few encouraging words. I never realized how much I had until I met these kids. And since God is the only thing that can never truly be taken away from them, Fortress is an immense blessing. It has been my privilege to work here and share the love of Christ with these kids.