Love & Logic Parenting Class - Success!

On Thursday, September 24th, Fortress YDC had a record night. Twenty-five adults, representing 16 Fortress families, attended an Equip Parenting class, the largest turnout for a parenting class in Fortress history. It is safe to say that the Love & Logic Discipline techniques class was a big success! Participants learned about the different discipline techniques used by Fortress to guide kids towards making better choices, including 8 tips to use when disciplining at home. After the presentation, the parents enjoyed a spaghetti dinner, made by the lovely ladies of the Fort Worth Junior League. After dinner, Junior League volunteers joined the participants to engage in a Q&A with presenters Cori and Jason Brown about what they’d learned and how they might be able to apply those principles to real-life situations they’ve encountered at home with their children. 




The 8 principles presented by Cori and Jason Brown were: 

  1. Building Positive Relationships
  2. Empathy
  3. Setting Limits
  4. Neutralizing Arguing 
  5. Using Choices
  6. The Recovery Process 
  7. Delayed Consequences
  8. Guiding Children to Own and Solve their Own Problems

We can't wait for more exciting events as the year continues! So far, our amazing parents have already invested 174 hours into our programs this school year!