Easter Egg-citement!

To celebrate the start of the Easter season, Fortress YDC families gathered for food, fun and fellowship on Friday, April 10th. The evening started by making resurrection rolls, with each ingredient representing part of the story of Christ’s burial and resurrection: marshmallows representing His body were dipped into butter and rolled in cinnamon and sugar, representing the oils and spices used to anoint His body for burial. The marshmallows were then wrapped in crescent roll dough, symbolizing His tomb, and baked for dessert. While the rolls were in the oven, families enjoyed a few more activities like dying Easter eggs and coloring pictures of the Easter bunny. After a dinner of ham, biscuits, mashed potatoes and salad, prepared and served by the ladies of the Fort Worth Junior League, the resurrection rolls were served for dessert. Just as the women returned to Christ’s tomb on the third day to discover it was empty, families broke open their rolls to discover the marshmallow was no longer there. If you missed out on Friday and would like to make resurrection rolls with your family, please see Blythe for the recipe. They are very easy and a wonderful tradition to start with your children!