The Boo Bash!

Ghouls and goblins! Pirates and princesses! Superheroes and villains! Fortress YDC’s Halloween Carnival on Friday, October 24th, had it all! The 1st annual party was one of the best-attended events Fortress has hosted this year, with over 100 parents and kids coming for a night of fun. The party kicked off with a creepy dinner of tombstones covered in graveyard dirt and doused in troll snot, zombie slime and vampire guts (i.e. ground beef nachos with cheese dip, sour cream and salsa, prepared and served by the lovely volunteers from the Junior League of Fort Worth). After dinner, the Carnival doors opened and kids raced to play pumpkin darts, ghost bowling and jack-o-lantern golf for a chance to win candy, bubble gum and snacks. However, the party REALLY got started when the costume and dance contests kicked off! The dance floor was packed the entire night with talented kids showing off their best moves. It was so much fun, even the parents and volunteers couldn’t resist getting in on the action, busting out some old school Michael Jackson Thriller and newer favorites like the Nae Nae and the Wobble. At the end of the night, prize packs full of goodies were handed out for the Best Boy Costume (Iron Man), Best Girl Costume (Day of the Dead) and Most Creative Costume (Agnes Gru from Despicable Me). The award for Most Creative Adult Costume went to Ms. Pacman, along with a $25 gift card, for her handiwork. The troll snot and graveyard dirt gone and the last piece of candy handed out, the children were turned loose in their sugar- and dance-induced frenzy to terrorize (I mean, entertain) their parents for the rest of the night, while the volunteers and Center staff cleaned up and talked about how they are already excited for next Halloween!