Volunteer Group Spotlight - Kaity Hanson of Carter Lake Road Church of Christ

"This is my second year at Fortress, and the first night of this week. It's nice to get to see my buddies from last year again. They've grown up a lot since then though, and are now in the junior high group. This year I only have two buddies instead of six, so they're easier to keep together. My buddies are Raquel and Darrien. I also stole one of Michael's buddies, Jonathan; he hung out with my buddies and me.

This year the classes are a lot different than last year. Also, instead of being fascinated with my hair like my buddies were last year, the kids keep asking a hundred different questions about my braces. The sad part is I don't know the answer to a lot of the questions and the braces are on my teeth! All of the kids in the group have started calling me Batman because of my Batman shirt, watch and bracelet. Our activity today was crab soccer, and the boys' team (which I was on) won 3-1, which was awesome. During morning song time, we were singing a song that basically just repeats one verse over and over again. None of us knew the song, so we were just winging it. Then Dani started saying for different groups to sing. Then she said, "youth group!" and at first it was just me and I felt really silly until the others joined in.

Although this week is starting more hectic than last year, it seems to be unfolding into a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this week."

-Kaity Hanson, college freshman