Volunteer Group Spotlight - Jessica Rice from Highland Church of Christ

July 21, 2014

Jessica and her buddy ShaCole

"This is my second year at Fortress and it is quite an eye-opener.

My buddy's name is ShaCole and she is a little hyper-ball! She is the coolest and sweetest little five year old I have ever met. But I learned that she doesn't get as many things as I do. For example, today she told me her mom fixed the cooler, when my mom would've called someone to come and fix it.

We had an activity where we wrote down what we were thankful for. She chose many things to write down and one of them was her buddy. Me. She surprised me and then gave me a big hug. So I smiled and thanked her for it.

Last year, our Urban Experience was to try to see how you would live in the world of poverty [by being allotted a small sum of income that is comparable to that of our Fortress family's income]. In the end, we only had enough, or less than actually, to make ends meet. I started to feel self-pity and shamed myself to think stuff like that. But I learned some pity can go a long way.

Even though I work with the preK-1st grade program, I think God brought me here to learn to help others who don't have as much as I do. He brought me here to learn more about myself. And I think I have."

Jessica Rice, age 13