Intern Spotlight - Brianna Dye from TCC

Brianna comes to us as a second year senior at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth. At 22 years old, she hopes to become a Registered Nurse and eventually specialize in the medical field. Brianna is not new to Fortress, although this is her first summer with the official title of an intern. She has been working on staff in the after-school program since January 2011, with her most recent position being Assistant Bible Teacher last year. Originally, Brianna heard about Fortress through Kelsey Henson, who was originally our preK - first grade teacher.

A funny story that Brianna would like to share comes from a third grader named Chloe. Last week, the kids went on a field trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Each kiddo was given tokens to spend freely on virtual games, skee-ball, or even--as Chloe chose--a photo booth. This photo booth creates official I.D. cards for its participant, and Chloe, being the diva that she is, decided to give true fierceness!

As you can see, we have a bonafide diva on our hands. A few of them, actually.

In all seriousness, a piece of advice Brianna would like to give to a new intern would be to "GET SLEEP!" The summer days, as she puts it, will be very long but very rewarding. She advises that in order to give yourself and the kids everything you have, you will need rest. Do not forget, though, to give the kids your love and respect no matter what.

Brianna has been on staff at Fortress during the school year for over three years now, but had never had the personal resources to intern. Then, at the end of this last spring, she was given the opportunity that she needed to be able to intern, and knew that the chance wouldn't have come up if God didn't want her here at Fortress. She says it has been the best decision, and is having a great summer!

A hard part about being an intern, as I'm sure many of us feel some mornings, is waking up early every day even though it is summer time! (Brianna seems to be getting used to it, though.) We can't believe the summer is already almost halfway over! We still have so much left to do!