Volunteer Group Spotlight - Sydney Walcher of Henryetta Church of Christ

June 17, 2014

"Today is the second day of my second year of Fortress. Although we were really tired today, we accomplished many things. We get to bond and form relationships. It's a neat thing to see these kids learn about God. An experience I'll never forget is having five children play with my hair at once. Today we were able to create paper plate drums and we helped them better understand African culture by creating a mask. Each day we help them learn and practice small but important life lessons such as sharing and kindness towards others. While the kids are sometimes stubborn, they still warm your heart. 

Another thing we did today was going out and giving water to the homeless. Although the water was meant to be a sort of ice breaker, or conversation starter, you could tell they appreciated it. Going in, I expected to talk to people who were sad and downtrodden, but I was very wrong. They were joyful and praised The Lord. It was nothing like how I had imagined, and I wouldn't trade my experiences here for anything in the world!"

Sydney Walcher, high school senior