Volunteer Group Spotlight - Daniel Burley of West Side Church of Christ

June 10, 2014

"This year is my second year of Fortress, and I couldn't e having more fun! I have juggled three little rascals this year--Omar, Marc, and Jonathan--but they're all great kids. Omar even won the math game we played today! Jonathan got a close third place, though!

It also appears that although my buddies may be younger than me, they can teach me a thing or two. From Marc, I learned that it is really cool to bowl and miss, and then walk it off like you meant for that to happen. Jonathan taught me to be able to fly, you simply need a 6'2" person around to ride his shoulders. Omar told me he was Batman, but he can't let people know. Let's keep that on the hush-hush.

Not only can you learn things from your buddies, but from the Urban Experiences, too. The first Urban Experience I did was greeting the homeless on Lancaster Street. It was there I met an older woman named Momma D whose faith was strong enough to move mountains. I was shocked that someone who had faced so many hardships as her could still believe God would always care and love her. I'm not sure I could live in that situation and still believe God has a plan for me.

I think God may have brought me on this trip to open my eyes to how strong people's faith is, even if the times are tough. I know after this trip I'll definitely work on strengthening my faith in The Lord.

At moments like these, I try to find a bible verse or saying that goes with the situation. One that comes to mind for me is Psalm 34:1-2 which says
"I will bless The Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in The Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad."
I want to always go out with an attitude of praise to God."

Daniel Burley, 15 years old