Volunteer Group Spotlight - Carson LaValley of Henryetta Church of Christ

June 18, 2014

"This is my second year at Fortress, and I have loved every minute of it. I was so excited that I was able to come back to Fortress and be with the kids. It was an amazing feeling when some of the kids remembered me from last year. The third day is always the hardest because everybody is so tired but we made it through with smiles on our faces. Today the kids got to play with shaving cream which is always a fun time. They were practicing writing their sight-words in the shaving cream, which ended up being them just playing with the shaving cream, but it was worth every minute. When they had their free time, a couple of the boys asked me to go to the blocks with them. At first, we started building a house, which was really fun. After they were tired of that, they thought it would be a good idea to push me over and throw blocks on top of me, then get on top of me and the blocks like they just conquered a big beast! I wouldn't trade a minute of my time here at Fortress and it will always have a special place in my heart. I can't wait to come back next year!"

-Carson LaValley, high school senior