Student Spotlight - Reyonna Aldridge

Reyonna Aldridge, 5 years old

Meet Reyonna. She is a sweet Kindergartener we are blessed to have had at Fortress this summer as well as last school year. She's kind, quiet, and always well-behaved. Reyonna lives with Mom and Daddy at home with a big family of four sisters. Reyonna is the middle child with two older sisters and two younger. She has two puppies named Henny and Kappa. When Reyonna plays outside, she likes to ride her bike. Indoors, she likes to play in her room with her car toys and princess toys. What Reyonna loves most about her family is her momma taking care of her.

Things Reyonna likes to do at Fortress are play outside on the playground and spend time in the centers. Reyonna doesn't have anything that she doesn't like about Fortress, but it makes her sad when she can't be here. Reyonna learns about God at Fortress by listening. Her favorite person at Fortress is her teacher Miss Shanique because she is always nice to her.

Reyonna wants to be a doctor when she grows up. When asked about college, this five-year old thinks about all the computers they have there. When asked what her dreams are, Reyonna says she had a dream that her sister was playing outside without her. (Sounds like a bad dream!) If Reyonna had one wish, it would be for some toys.