Intern Spotlight - Ethan Weber from TCU

Ethan and the intern gang having fun at a Chuck E. Cheese field trip

Ethan Weber is interning this summer after having taught our Junior High class and then Reading Lab last year. As a recent graduate from TCU with a Strategic Communication degree, Ethan is a good fit for our purpose here at Fortress. Ethan also completed a TCU-recognized communications internship under our Director of Development and Communications this last year. Ethan first heard about Fortress via last week's intern spotlight and fellow TCU alumni Zack Cartmel. He discovered some of our volunteer opportunities through the TCU Frog Jobs website and knew that Zack had worked here in the past. Ethan chose to intern for for the last few weeks because he wanted to spend a little extra time with the kids before he leaves Fortress to work at Sky Ranch as a camp counselor.

When Ethan was teaching Junior High last year, he became close with the kids - close enough to where the kids can joke around with him about his fashion sense and know that he will laugh along with them. The kids always make fun of Ethan's old school Adidas. Ethan keeps telling them he will get the new models soon, but the kids somehow don't believe him. ;)

Some heart-felt advice Ethan has for someone who is new to Fortress is this:
Have an abundance of patience and compassion for these kids. It's easy to get frustrated and upset with them often but they really are awesome kids that deserve Christ-like love just like you and I do.
Not surprisingly, a time that Ethan could feel God working through him and everyone at Fortress came about during our annual Literacy Carnival. He says watching his work have such a positive impact on so many people and the way that it so obviously affects the whole neighborhood, not just Fortress families, shows the impact that can be made with a little bit of hard work.

One thing Ethan had to adjust to (as I'm sure did the other interns) was the time-consuming summer schedule. It is an intensive program! Interns are serving, learning, and worshiping from before the kids get here at 9:00am every morning until long after they leave at 2:00pm. Between prayer drives, Urban Experience, and getting weekly volunteer groups acclimated to our facility/programs, it is an exhausting job to call yourself a Fortress intern during the hot Texas summer.