Summer Internship Feature: Claire Davis

“It will wreck you, but it will be worth it.”

This is the first thing that comes to mind for Claire Davis when she reflects on her experience as a 2013 summer intern at Fortress Youth Development Center. 

Claire with students
A native of Fort Worth and student at Texas A&M, Claire decided to spend two of her summers in college as one of 8 interns to work in Fortress YDC’s Summer Jam Program.  The program, which serves one hundred 4-14 year olds, helps students in Near Southeast Fort Worth have a fun, safe and nurturing environment in which to grow during the summer months.

For nine weeks, Claire had the opportunity to work with kids in a classroom environment and build personal relationships with them outside the classroom setting.  “I loved the opportunity to engage with the kids in fun activities and be a consistent figure in their life for those nine weeks.  I learned as much from them as I hope they were able to learn from me,” she says.

As an intern, Claire had the opportunity to teach students, model Christ-like behavior, chaperone weekly field trips, be a spiritual leader for youth group volunteers and work hands on with the homeless community in Fort Worth.  As a lead intern her second summer, she also had the opportunity to plan a girls retreat and help fundraise for it.  All of these opportunities helped Claire grow in her own faith.  You will be pushed spiritually, physically, and emotionally every day but as challenges arise, it will be worth it because you will realize that the work you are doing is not about you,” she says. 

Summer 2013 Interns
The summer internship helped Claire realize the importance of ministry especially in urban settings.  “This internship prepares you to seek out opportunities to help those in need.  You will develop a new outlook on ministry and realize that ministry opportunities are more available than you think,” she says. “You will experience how much of a difference you can make in the world and feel responsible to respond to people with mercy.”

If you are looking for an unforgettable way to spend a summer, consider applying for the Fortress summer internship.  The program runs this year from June 2-August 8 and can be applied to receive college credit.  While the internship is unpaid, opportunities exist to fundraise and housing will be provided free of charge. “I would absolutely recommend this internship,” Claire says. “Learning to selflessly respond to children, putting their needs above your own, and teaching them about the Lord is an invaluable experience.”

To apply to be a summer intern at Fortress YDC or for more information visit or email Dani Kocur at