Mentor Spotlight: Lacie Pence

This week’s mentoring spotlight is on Lacie Pence who is a mentor for Angel Cole.  Lacie is currently a junior at Tarleton State University where she is studying social work.  She stepped into the Ignite mentoring program after serving for a year and a half on the after-school program staff.

She heard about Fortress from her friend Dani who encouraged her to get involved.  After being on staff at Fortress, she wanted to continue to stay involved so she started mentoring.  She has now spent over a year mentoring students in the program.

Lacie says she thinks the Ignite mentoring program is very impactful on the life of her mentee because it has helped her build patience, compassion and respect.  “More than that, mentoring helps build a child’s self-esteem because they begin to realize that someone thinks they are worth their time,” she says.

One of the things that Lacie believes is an important skill to have as a mentor is to be punctual and willing to stay the entire hour of mentoring time because just being there means a lot to the child.  “Also, be willing to hold your mentee responsible.  If the mentee makes a mess, the mentor should ask the student to pick it up,” she says.

Lacie loves how her mentee is so easy-going and loves to talk with her.  “It’s a huge contrast to the last mentee I had. Angel will do just about anything that has to do with arts and crafts.  I love that she has that passion and I try to help foster that in her as much as I can."

For more information on the Ignite mentoring program or for other volunteer opportunities at Fortress YDC email Dani Kocur at