Mentor Spotlight: Jeffery Lee

Today’s mentoring spotlight is on Jeffery Lee who mentors fifth-grader Adrian Ramirez.  Jeffery is currently a master’s student at UNT Health Science Center and is applying to medical schools.  His dream is to one day become a pediatric medical missionary.

Jeffery loves working with kids and that is what attracted him to volunteering at Fortress.  He saw Fortress as a great opportunity to make an impact on children in this community.  This is his first year mentoring in the Ignite program.

One of the things that Jeffery believes is important about the Fortress mentoring program is that it helps build positive relationships in each child’s life.  He also knows that being a mentor has made a difference in his own life. “Adrian has impacted me by helping me become more humble and appreciative of my family,” he says.

Like all mentors at Fortress, Jeffery sees a lot of potential in his mentee.  “Adrian loves science experiments and aspires to become a doctor one day.  He reminds me how blessed I am to have loving people in my life that care and support me.”

Some advice he would give to a new mentor would be to get to know the student and take interest in the things they are interested in.  For more information on the Ignite mentoring program or for other volunteer opportunities at Fortress YDC, email Dani at