Student Spotlight: Xzayvier

Meet Xzayvier! Xzayvier is 12 years old and will begin the 7th grade in the fall. He loves basketball, and plays football at school. Xzayvier is a really cool kid, always making his teachers laugh. He is well loved here at Fortress, and part of a really great family!

Xzayvier lives with his mom, his two sisters, LaZayvieya (13) and Kaliya (11), and his brother Trey (7). He has two pet Rottweilers, Kilo and Droll. When he is at home, Xzayvier likes to play games and play sports. When he is outside he plays football and basketball, and when he is inside he likes to play basketball games and shooting games on his PlayStation. He says that he loves everything about his big family!

Xzayvier likes coming to Fortress because he gets to worship God and have fun. He likes all of the worship songs that he gets to sing when he is at Fortress. The only thing he doesn't like about Fortress is that sometimes he has to do work when he is here. When he is here, he likes to play basketball outside and play on the XBox Kinect. His favorite person at Fortress is Mr. Zack because he is cool and he doesn't argue a lot.

When Xzayvier gets older, he wants to attend college at LSU for their basketball program, and continue on to become a basketball player because it is fun! If he had one wish, Xzayvier would want to make it to the NBA. Xzayvier's dream is to become rich so that he can buy anything he wants!