Camp of the Hills

This week we have really missed our elementary students! Fortress is just not the same without them. However, they are having a blast at Camp of the Hills. They are getting to do crafts, sing songs, and do a lot of swimming, all while deepening their relationships with Christ. Take a look!

Kyla and Neeci enjoying their breakfast.
Elijah was jammin' out at worship.
Tiara during craft time.
Kyla during craft time.
Ra'Nyah, Kori, Tapanga and their new friends getting ready for pedicures!
JaQuesha and her new friends getting pedicures.
Ms. Frankie giving pedicures. 
Asia and Keandria getting their pedicures.
JaQuesha and her new friend!
RaNyah and Kyla hanging out!
RaNyah hanging out and probably just cooling off!
Keandria, Asia, J-Mac and their new friends hanging out with Ms. Frankie.
Kyla is having a great time outside.
Tiara during a game. 
Tiara playing a game.
Tiara playing a game.

Some of our kids with their groups at camp.

Water time seems to be a camp favorite!

Ms. Frankie and Arianna hanging out by the water.
Ayris having a relaxing time fishing.

Before she got sick, Tiana did get to have some fun!
Peanut is just kicked back and having a good time!
Neeci cooling off in the water.
Our kids have a great time with their counselors!
The twins (J-Mac and Peanut) goofing around in the water.
Ms. Frankie playing in the water with Kori.
One of the highlights of camp, the crucifixion reenactment.

As you can see, our kids are having a great time at Camp of the Hills. But we can't wait to have them back with us next week for our LAST week of Summer JAM 2013!