The Second Half of Summer begins!

We have already entered the second half of summer, and we can't even believe it! Time really does fly when you are having fun. This week we welcomed Park Row Church of Christ from Arlington, TX to work with our Elementary and Junior High, and Highland Church of Christ from Abilene, TX to work with our PreK-1st Graders.  Highland Church of Christ brought all of their Junior High ladies, and they did a great job! Park Row was a small group, but they proved that even small groups can make a big difference! They were so great with our kids, and took on 6 buddies per person. 

Some of the best bonding time at Fortress happens during the down time. The times where youth group kids get to just "hang out" with their buddies can be some of the most productive time when it comes to relationship building. 

We start off each day with Circle Up Time. This is a time for the kids to worship God and hear about the weekly bible story. This summer we have been learning about the life and ministry of Moses.

There are daily rotations through math and reading to help the kids stay ready for school, but that doesn't stop...

...all of the fun and games!!

The Junior High has their own space and their own interns to hang out with every day. They get daily free time, and they can use it in many different ways.

Chassidy, Te'Asia, and JJ taking a rest on the couch.
Chassidy braiding Samantha's hair while the rest of the girls just hang out.

Miss Christy taking a picture with Taylor who is a bit camera shy.
Miss Christy dancing to some music with LaZavieya.
 Thursday afternoon was time for "Fortress Idol" with the PreK-1st grade. There were so many talented acts and the kids had a great time!

Everyone watching the talent show very intently!
Ivy singing a song.
Aaron shows off his best shuffle.
Makayla was a little shy, but she did a great job singing.
Manuel was not shy at all. He had a great time performing a Disney Channel song.
 At the end of the week, the Elementary and Junior High kids get to use their behavior bucks at the Rewards Store. They can buy small items like candy, food, and drinks, or they can save up for more expensive items like "Pie an Intern in the Face." They also earn extra money for choosing to save, and reciting their bible verses.

 There was so much silliness and smiling the entire week. We were so glad to have Park Row and Highland around this week!