The Opportunity to Connect With Kids

Today's featured blogger is Georgie Rubino. She is 18 years old and a member of the Park Row Church of Christ youth group. 

Georgie with the Junior High girls
This is my second year being a buddy, but this year I get to participate in Urban Experience. I love being a buddy and I get a lot out of it. I have the opportunity to connect with kids and teach them something. My buddies are Johana, Kaliya, Daisy, Lilly, Te'Asia, and LaZayvieya. Being with junior high is a lot different; this year, the junior high is on a different rotation than the other students. The junior high students work on different activities related to math or reading. This week the students are learning reading.

After the morning worship, the students went to the junior high room and Ross [one of the lead interns] talked to the students about the Bible Story (Moses), and the students had a devotional. 

After the afternoon activity, the kids left and a few of the students from my youth group, including myself, went with interns Haley, Frankie, and Taylor to the bus stop (we walked from Fortress) and went on a 45 minute bus ride to Fiesta. We were given $0.90 per person which totaled to about $7 per night for dinner for everyone in our group. Tonight we had mac n' cheese, bread with butter and garlic powder, and sugar cookies for $5.98! We then rode the bus more than half way back to Fortress and we walked 1/2 mile to the building. Doing Urban Experience is eye opening to living on a budget, without a car, without a phone, and to using public transportation. 

At the end of the day, my youth group talked about our day and what we can improve on. The next few days that I am here I gave myself the challenge to connect with my buddies a little better and to just show them how to have fun learning about the love of God.