The Kids are Amazingly Receptive

Today's featured blogger is Kaity Hanson. She is 17 years old and a member of the Carter Lake Road Church of Christ youth group.

Kaity with her buddies (left to right) JaQuesha, Ti'Ana,
Ayris, Tiara, Fabian, and Adrian.
This is my first year at Fortress and it has been amazing. Before we got here I was worried about the kids being closed off or unreceptive to use, but that is definitely not the case. All of the kids are amazingly receptive. I have seven buddies and have bonded with all of them. Today during art we were drawing our favorite part of Fortress. I was sitting with Ayris, Adrian, and Fabian. They all love math just like I do, which made me excited because most people don't I love finding out more and more stuff that the kids and I have in common. 

So far I've gone on the prayer drive and to homeless row [Lancaster Avenue]. I really enjoyed talking to Penny when we were on homeless row [Lancaster Avenue]. We talked to him for the full hour about different jobs he's done, his schooling (which was at a very unique school), and the sports each of us enjoyed playing. 

I think I could live like someone in poverty if I had to. It's hard for me to do so voluntarily though. When I was younger my parents didn't have very good jobs. I grew up learning to entertain myself and others with my personality and past stories, and still have to entertain that way frequently. The most difficult part for me I think would be the food thing. I'll eat almost anything, but I eat a lot. Even though I usually eat cheaper food I eat a lot of it, so it becomes more costly. 

I'm really looking forward to the talent show on Wednesday. I can't wait to see what all the kids do, and our youth minister Jon Page is supposed to sing for us. Ti'Ana, Tiara, and Keandria are also supposed to be doing his hair for the talent show. A lot of the girls have been playing with my hair this week in addition to the ones listed above: Anisa, Arianna, Mic'Kayla, and Ja'Caila. They really enjoy doing hair, and them being happy makes me happy. 

My favorite part of Fortress so far would be math class and singing. I absolutely love singing with the little kids. It's so much fun. Math class is crazy hectic, but amazing. As far as the older buddies go, I'm the only one who really knows how to do all the math, so when the kids ned a little help, I'm going all around the room which keeps me busy. I love math and I love teaching and helping others. First semester of last year I tutored almost all of the kids in PreAP geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II. I loved it even though it meant helping them with their homework on top of doing my PreCal homework. This week has reminded me how much I love helping others with homework, especially math.

The funniest thing I saw at Fortress today was while we were in Special Interest Classes. I was wiwth the second graders. The teacher said that they had one really important rule in class, and asked the students what they thought it was. One of the boy's responses was, "No Farting." Although that wasn't the rule, it was a funny rule. I've really enjoyed this week so far and look forward to the rest of this week!