The Honor of Being Their Friend

Today's featured blogger is Meagan Jordan. She is 15 years old and a member of the Sycamore View Church of Christ youth group. 

Today I got to hang out with some truly awesome kids. My buddy didn't come yesterday or today, so I got to hang around with Ja'Colby and Tapanga. They are truly two of the sweetest kids! Ja'Colby is always smiling, being sweet, and just loving everyone. He always speaks to everyone politely and is always making me laugh. Tapanga is also amazing to be around. Although at first she was quiet, she opened up during the day and we had a lot of fun. Her smile could light up a room. I'm so blessed to have spent time with these two kids.

At breakfast, I sat with them and they each were telling me about their friends here and what they like to do. In math, I didn't get to sit with Tapanga, but Ja'Colby was great. Even though some of it was challenging, he pushed through it and stayed working hard for me and his actual buddy, Bailey. In games, both of the kids set a great example for the others by listening and following directions. Just like in everything else they did, the rest of the day they obeyed and listened. It was so much fun to be around them, and to get the honor of being their friend.

At the end of the day yesterday, we did Urban Experience. Yesterday, my group did the prayer drive. It was an awesome experience. I loved reading the history and quotes from the area [Evans Plaza]. It's amazing to see how God has worked and changed things in this community. I know He is continuously woking through and with the people.

Over all, I'm just really glad I got to have this experience at Fortress. You can see the true love everyone here has for the kids. Even now as I write, I see one of the interns playing with a little girl and making her smile huge, and I hear that sweet little girl laugh. Fortress is truly amazing and is constantly spreading and sharing the love of God in this community, city, and even the world.