Student Spotlight: Te'Asia

Meet Te'Asia! Te'Asia is new to Fortress this summer and we love having her. She is 11 years old and will begin the 6th grade in the fall. 

Te'Asia lives at home with her Mom and sisters. She has three sisters and four brothers. She does not have any pets. In her free time at home she likes to play card games like trash, play on her Mom's laptop and watch TV. Her favorite TV show is Lab Rats on the Disney Channel. She does not like to go outside at home because of the bugs. Te'Asia loves her family because they are funny, especially her sister Ti'Ana because she makes up jokes. 

Te'Asia says she loves everything about Fortress, especially that she gets to talk about God. She learns about God through bible stories, and right now she is learning about Moses. When she is at Fortress, she likes to play games and go on field trips. Her favorite people at Fortress are Miss Lacie and Miss Christi because they play card games with her. 

When Te'Asia grows up she wants to go to UNT to become a pediatrician because her dream is to make kids happy. If she had one with it would be to make the world a better place. When asked if there was anything else she wanted people to know about her, she said that her favorite color is all colors! Like a rainbow!