Student Spotlight: London

Meet London! She is hilarious! If you see London around Fortress, she is always cracking jokes and making somebody laugh. Hugs from her and her cousin, Harmony, are a bright spot in everyone's day. London also LOVES to play outside more than anything else! She is a really fun kid.

London is five years old and will start kindergarten in the fall. She is nervous about starting kindergarten because she doesn't want to get her shots. "I hate shots." London lives with her Granny, Mom and siblings. She has one sister, Brooklyn, and one brother, Ebony. She doesn't have any pets but if she could have a pet she would want "a little puppy that never grows up." When London has free time she likes to play outside by herself. She doesn't want anyone to watch her because she is a big girl. She likes to be on the swing and the slide, run, and help her sister  so she won't fall. When she is inside at home she just sits because she wants to go back outside. "I wish I was living outdoors." London loves her family because they give her treats.

London likes coming to Fortress because she gets to play, but she is a little sad that she doesn't get to play all of the time. She likes that Fortress teaches her that Jesus is in her heart. When she is at Fortress she likes to play outside, slide, swing, and play basketball. Her favorite person at Fortress is Ms. Jeli because she is nice.

When London grows up she wants to be a high school girl and a cheerleader. When asked what she would want to do after high school, she said she would be a teacher, "when I'm 15 or something, or 18, I'm gonna have to have an old job." London doesn't think she will go to college until she is much older,  "when I'm like my granny, that's when I'll go to college." When asked about what her dream is she replied, "My dream is about Ms. Jeli. Ms. Jeli and me, we're friends. Me and Ms. Jeli were swinging." If London had one wish, she would be a princess and the best girl in high school. Lastly, London would like for everyone to know that she is nice.