Student Spotlight: LaMarion

Meet Peanut! His given name is LaMarion, but he says his real name is Peanut. Peanut is an incredibly sweet and fun kiddo. He loves to play and he loves to talk (so much that it sometimes gets him into trouble). He is a complete joy to work with everyday, and we at Fortress would not trade him for the world!

Peanut lives at home with his Mom, Dad, and Auntie. Peanut has a really unique family dynamic. He has one older sister, JaQuesha, a fraternal twin JaMarion (J-Mac), and they just added another set of twins to the family, Kirk and Kylie. Peanut does not have any pets, but if he did have a pet he would want it to be a brown dog named Lucy. When he is at home he likes to play, play, play! Peanut loves to go outside, ride his bike, and play games with his friends like Tag and Big Bad Wolf. He loves his family because they let him play and they let him eat. And Peanut really likes to eat!

Peanut loves coming to Fortress because we let him talk and we let him play. He likes that Fortress teaches him about God through songs, and he also likes learning about Moses this summer. When he is at Fortress, he likes when we play games and he gets to go outside. He also likes math and reading, "because you get to read and do math." Peanut has two favorite staff members at Fortress. He likes Ms. Chandler because she lets him jump on her back. He also likes Mrs. Blythe because she let him play back when he was 6 years old, and she teaches him how to do math. 

Peanut wants to go to college at TCU, but he wants to go to high school first. When he grows up, Peanut would like to be a policeman so he can arrest people when they are being bad. Peanut's dream is to be either a football player or a basketball player because you get stuff for being a professional athlete. If Peanut had one wish, he would be 12 years old so that he could have a cell phone. Peanut wants everyone to know that he used to play football, and he still plays football, and he is very good at it.