Student Spotlight: Kyla

Meet Kyla! She is 8 years old, and she will begin the third grade in the fall. Kyla is so sassy, and really fun to be around. She is always making her teachers laugh with her dry sense of humor. Seeing Kyla's bouncy run and her big smiling face every day truly makes it a joy to work with her.

Kyla lives at home with her Mom, Chelsea, and her older brother, Elijah. She doesn't have any pets, and she says that she does not want any pets because pets are gross. When Kyla is at home she likes to play on the computer, play the XBox, play in the park, play in the rain, and go to sleep. She also likes to put signs on her door that say, "Do not come in my room." Kyla loves that her family has a phone; she also loves that her family is nice, but she says her brother is sometimes mean.

Kyla likes Fortress because she gets to play. When she is at Fortress she likes to talk to Mrs. Blythe, take pictures, and play on the computer. "As you can see, I LOVE the computer." She likes that Fortress teaches her that God loves her. She does not like when the staff members at Fortress give out negative points because, "that is not acceptable." Her favorite people at Fortress are Mrs. Blythe because she is nice, Mrs. Kathleen because she is funny, and Miss Claire "because I'm her little baby."

When Kyla grows up she wants to go to college to be a teacher, "because they teach kids and you get to be mean." Kyla already has good money principles. Her dream is to have a million dollars, and if she had a million dollars she would save it and get more money. If she had one wish it would be to have a computer and a phone and another phone and another phone. When asked what she would like for people to know about her, she responded, "That I'm rich."