Student Spotlight: Darrell

Meet Darrell! He is 6 years old and will begin the first grade in the fall. Darrell is one of the most respectful 6 year olds you could ever meet. He is always polite, responding to adults as ma'am and sir. Darrell is really sweet and always following directions. He is just the kind of kid that his teachers love to work with!

Darrell lives at home with his Mom, Dad, 15 year old brother, Koby, and his twin sister, Delaney. He has one pet, a black and brown dog named Raven, that he loves to play with when he is outside. In his free time at home, Darrell loves to play blocks, play with his Iron Man toys, and ride his bike. When he has to stay inside, Darrell likes to hang out with his older brother. He says that he loves his older brother because he is fun, he gives him ice cream, and lets him play his videogames. He sounds like a really great big brother! Darrell also loves the rest of his family because they are fun and nice, and they help him if he falls off of his bike.

Darrell loves coming to Fortress because the teachers make it so fun! He likes that Ms. Shanique and Ms. Jeli teach him about God, and that Ms. Julie sings songs about God. When he is at Fortress, Darrell LOVES to read. He likes that he gets to learn about things through reading books, and he especially likes reading books about math. His favorite teacher is Ms. Shanique because she is so nice! The only thing he doesn't like about Fortress is bad attitudes. He doesn't like it when other kids have bad attitudes.

When Darrell grows up he wants to go to college at Baylor University because it has a bear as the mascot. After college, he wants to be a policemen because they get to eat a lot of donuts. Darrell's dream is to stay at home with his parents, and if he had one wish, he would be really fast so that he can get places really fast. Darrell also wants everyone to know that he is really good at riding his bike!