My Focus for the Day

Today's featured blogger is Anna Grace Hinkle. She is 15 years old and a member of the Sycamore View Church of Christ youth group.

It's only the first day of Fortress and I've already fallen in love with the kids. It is my first time here, along with most of my youth group. When I first got here I was really excited to be paired up with just one kid, Marc, so I could really focus on him this week. After all that, I went to bed...really late and really excited.

The next morning, I got up really early and finally got to meet Marc! He was pretty much my focus for the day. In the morning, he wasn't very excited to have me around, but once we started talking he seemed happier and happier. He was quite the ladies man according to himself and loved any kind of game we played. Math definitely wasn't his favorite subject, but he caught on to it so easily.

Marc has definitely been one of my favorites, but I love how all the kids here just automatically accept and love you. Even my friends "buddies" would come up and ask me to be their buddies. Marc did ditch me a few times for a different buddy, but it all worked out.

After hanging out with kids, tutoring, games, and a snowball fight, our team started our Urban Experience. My team did the prayer drive. Honestly, I was expecting the prayer drive to be the least interesting Urban Experience. However, it was really eye-opening. We met several homeless men that had different views about Christians than we do, I saw prostitutes, and several food deserts. God really showed me that the world isn't perfect and I have a new passion to do something about it.