Memory is a Powerful Thing

Today's featured blogger is Laura Nicholson. She is 17 years old and a member of the Decatur Church of Christ youth group. 

Laura with (left to right) Kaliya and Chassidy
They say memory is a powerful thing, and I feel that way about being remembered. The first day I walked into Fortress, Lilly looked over to Christie, an intern, and asked if our group had been here before, which we have. Right after that, she asked me about my sisters and where they were. Later that day, Semierria hugged me before going home. I was pretty surprised because she wasn't in my group and hadn't been in a while. I asked her if she remembered me, which made her squeeze me tighter and say, "duh!" This just makes my day. I know between all the churches that come down here, the kids must meet at least 15 new buddies each summer, and it would be very easy to forget a face, especially after a year. But they don't, and I think that's something incredible.

All of the children are incredible, and have so many secret talents. Semierria, for example, raps better than anyone I know, and she's not even 11 yet! It's just amazing to see how God has blessed these kids with so many gifts. Like RaNyah is so funny, I mean this girl had me cracking up! And then to see their talents in worship. Coop is one of the Fortress kids who really gets into it, he claps, and snaps, and looks like he's having a ball! Then the younger kids like Willie, who volunteers to pray ALL THE TIME, amaze me! I'm 17 and I'm still uncomfortable praying for large groups.

God has blessed these children so heavily. Nowhere else do I see kids with so much heart, enthusiasm, and love. These kids are so unique, creative, and beautiful. I can't wait to be back here again. I feel like I'm always learning something from them, whether it be a complicated (and painful) braid, or to appreciate life. Fortress is a beautiful thing, doing beautiful work, and I can truly see God's presence everywhere here.