A Blessing to be Around

Today's featured blogger is Latan e Bullock. He is 16 years old and a member of the Park Row Church of Christ youth group. 

As a first-timer at Fortress, I have found myself very surprised with this trip so far. I came in with high expectations because of what others who have spent time here have told me, and my expectations have certainly been met, just in a different manner than I had thought.
Latane with his buddies (left to right) Ja'Colby, Marc, and Marcus

My second day at Fortress has been amazing, of course, but also very exhausting. We are a small group, and because of that each of us are responsible for a lot of children. I am personally responsible for seven children; Leonard, Marcus, Marc, Ja'Colby, Caylon, Kori, and Kyla. Every one of them have unique characteristics and personalities, but they all have one thing in common...they are a blessing to be around. I hope they can learn something from me, but so far I am almost positive I have gained much more form then than they have from me. I am humbled by the kids' demeanors despite their situations.

Urban Experience has been amazing as well as interacting with the kids. Yesterday my group went to talk to the homeless. I was somewhat nervous about it, but I actually had fun! I really enjoyed attempting to make relationships with people who don't have much physically, but invest much in the people they come in contact with. Today we went to buy dinner for the Urban Experience. It too, was eye-opening and an out of the ordinary afternoon.

One of my favorite parts of Fortress is how open and accepting of others the children are. I have known them for a significantly less amount of time than other kids I know, yet they are much closer to me and I am the same way to them.

Although I have been exhausted and annoyed, I haven't once regretted my time that I have spent at Fortress. I feel like the Lord has put me here and I have purpose, just like all of the kids, interns, and staff. May God bless Fortress and it's works.