11 Summers Strong!

This week we welcomed Decatur Church of Christ. They have served at Fortress every summer for at least 11 years, so many of the youth group members were seasoned veterans to our program. This certainly showed in the way that they handled themselves with our kids! So many of the kids remembered old buddies from previous years that it was like a big family reunion! 

Each week, the youth groups bring a craft to share with our kids. This week all of the kids were able to make their own dog tags. 

Before they could do the fun craft, they did have to spend a little time in their academic classes!

 Of course, the fun and games began shortly after.

Chloe, Arianna, and Raquelle spend time in their nails class. 

Some of the 4th and 5th grade girls performing a skit.
Some of the 2nd and 3rd graders putting on their skit.
Each week the kids have the opportunity to buy special rewards with their behavior bucks. Adrian decided that he wanted to dye Miss Julie's hair pink! 

On Thursday, the kids took their field trip to the Omni Theater in Fort Worth, and then played at the park and ate lunch. They had a really great time! 

The little ones had a great time learning about their health this week. Especially dental health!

 We also had a very special birthday celebration for Omar. Cupcakes for everyone! 

This was definitely a week full of strengthening relationships that have been forming for years! We are already anticipating the return of the Decatur Church of Christ youth group next summer!

Peanut is missing his front tooth!