Week 3 is in the Books!

Week three of Summer JAM 2013 is in the books! This week we had two groups working with our kids. Glenwood Church of Christ from Tyler, TX worked with our older kids (2nd-8th) while Legacy Church of Christ from North Richland Hills, TX worked with our little kids (PreK-1st). It was awesome to hear the joy and laughter filling our building from the little kids as they worked with the Legacy group, and the Glenwood group had no trouble keeping up with our kiddos! 

After worship, our older kids started out the week with fun and games. 

All of our kids during worship and bible story time.
Marcus, Asia, and the rest of their team racing to put together the memory verse.

Our little kids began their week with tons of fun on the playground. There were so many bright and shining faces, we couldn't even post them all!

Ms. Shanique making sure the kids know the rules before outside time.
Brandon climbing up the slide.

A Legacy youth group member in the "beauty salon."

KeiShawn showing off the craft he made with the Legacy youth group. He was so proud!

The "main event" this week was our drive-in movie. The kids all painted their cars in preparation for the big day!

Daijlynn was busy making sure that there was enough purple on her car. 
Peanut peaking around his car, being sure we couldn't see the finished product. 
Asia had no problem posing with her car. She was proud!
Aryana was pretty hesitant to have her picture taken!
The final product! All of the kids got to enjoy Monsters Inc. while hanging out in their own cars.

 Before the kids could leave on their Thursday field trip, they had to partake in a dance off! There were some pretty good skills that were showcased!

Deon Jay showing off his skills.
Semierria getting started on her turn.

While the big kids headed off to their field trip, our little guys got to have a fun day of their own! Parachutes, musical chairs, balloons, oh my!
Our girls trying to keep as many balloons up in the air as they could! 
It's not as easy as it looks friends! 
Harmony peeking out from under the parachute!
Ronaldo wasn't so sure about the parachute at first!
Alena and London battle it out in musical chairs.

Our Thursday field trip was to the Japanese Gardens. The kids had a wonderful time with the Glenwood youth group feeding the fish, and just exploring what the park has to offer.
Some of our kids looking at all of the fish with their interns.
Ms. Claire loving on J-Mac, Ra'Nyah, and Semierria. Semierria isn't so sure about the picture!
Keandria and JaCaila found a shell!
JaQuesha likes to mess with Mr. Zack. He is easy to mess with!
Some of our girls pose for a picture in the park.
Ms. Haley has quickly become a favorite around Fortress. Her girls love her!

The Glenwood youth group with our kids and interns at the Japanese gardens.
We truly enjoyed having Glenwood and Legacy with us this week. Both groups really connected with our kids, and were a blessing to have at Fortress. What a great week!

The Glenwood group with our interns.