Trust is Valuable

Our featured blogger for today is Landry Bulls. He is 17 years old and a member of the Glenwood Church of Christ youth group.

This is my second year at Fortress and I'm already enjoying it just as much as last year. My first year here was where I really developed my heart for underprivileged kids, not just in Fortress but in life. 

Landry with his buddies Robert (left) and Klarence (right)
Just like last year, I knew I could either get six kids with four syllable names, or a kid named Jeff. Luckily, this year I was assigned to Robert and Klarence, which sounded pretty funny compared to the rest of the kids names. Upon meeting them, I was told that I was specially selected to handle these two due to the fact that they have a reputation for being handfuls. I didn't meet them until Tuesday, so I was buddy-less on Monday. As soon as Robert and Klarence discovered I was their buddy, I noticed them start scanning me from head to toe, paying special attention to my hat. Robert adopted this hat for the day and proudly showed it off to his classmates.

We immediately hit it off when I mentioned I was 6'4 and played football, and we became engaged in each others stories of close games and touchdowns. As I was talking I noticed their eyes focus on my adams-apple and I proceeded to make it move to the beat of the music. They all took turns touching it and squealing in disgust. During math, Robert showed off all the cars he won in monopoly (represented by starburst). My favorite moment was at the end of the day during worship, Robert and Klarence sat on either side of me with an arm over my shoulders. I could really feel them start to truly trust me and I realized how valuable trust is to these kids, knowing that no matter how they act that I'll still be their friend. I look forward to further strengthening my relationship with Robert and Klarence and making footprints in their lives.