Student Spotlight: Vik

Meet Vik! Vik is new to Fortress this summer, and he is already having a great time. He comes to Fortress with his cousins Jacob and Anisa. He is a fun loving kid who enjoys playing outside, and REALLY enjoys getting wet!

Vik is 5 years old and about to start kindergarten in the fall. He lives with his Grandma, and has two brothers, Xavier and Christian, and one sister, Jasmine. He doesn't have any pets right now, but if he could have ANY pet, he would want a light brown puppy named either CJ for a boy, or Buttercup for a girl. Vik loves his family because they take him places like Pizza Hut and the water park.

In his free time, Vik loves to get wet! He likes to play with water balloons and water guns; he also likes to play Hide and Go Seek and Freeze Tag. If Vik has to stay inside, he likes to eat and play Call of Duty on his PlayStation.

When Vik is at Fortress, he likes playing outside, going to centers, and singing. The only thing he doesn't like about Fortress is that sometimes other kids get mad at him. Vik likes that Fortress teaches him about God through fun songs. His favorite teacher at Fortress is Ms. Jeli because she loves to do cool centers!

When Vik grows up he wants to go to college in Dallas to become a cop because they get to have guns. Vik's dream is to get wet. If he had one wish it would be to have a car so he doesn't have to walk, and to have a house when he grows up so he doesn't have to live on the streets. When I asked Vik if there was anything else he would like people to know about them, he said, "That's all!"