Student Spotlight: Semierria

Semierria with her basketball
Meet Semierria! She is 10 years old and will start the 5th grade in the fall. Semierria is a bright student, and a terrific leader. When she has something to say, others usually listen. Semierria also tends to be our comedic force around Fortress. She has a sharp wit, and a mature sense of humor that would make anyone laugh. If you follow our quote of the day, then you are probably already familiar with her name. She generally makes a weekly appearance! Semierria is a joy to be around, and you won't find anyone at Fortress who doesn't just love her!

Semierria lives with her cousin, Ms. YoYo. She has four older brothers, Jonathan, Darius, Herman, and Chris, and three older sisters, Timara, Tasha, and Baby Sista. She says that she can't share Baby Sista's real name because she wouldn't like it. She loves her family because they love and care about her. Semierria has a chihuahua mix named Addison; her other chihuahua mix, Bribri, died. In her free time at home, Semierria loves to play basketball, jump on the trampoline, play on her iPad, and play her Wii. 

Semierria's favorite things about Fortress are the field trips and the food. She also likes that Fortress teaches her about God by "making us read speeches and stuff." What she means is that Fortress kids learn to say memory verses out loud. Semierria's least favorite thing about Fortress is the math class, but that is the only thing she doesn't like. When she's at Fortress, Semierria likes to go outside and play basketball. Outside time is her favorite part of the day. Semierria also mentioned that her other favorite thing to do at Fortress is eat. She followed by saying, "Don't put that! It's gonna make me look fat." Semierria's favorite people at Fortress are Mr. Landon, because he is cool and funny, and Ms. Claire, because she is nice. She also said that Mr. Zack is not her favorite person because "he talks too much and asks too many questions." 

When Semierria grows up she wants to go to TCU, and either be a star in the WNBA, or a lawyer "because they get a whole bunch of money and it's nice to save people." Her dream is to meet the Miami Heat, "mostly LeBron." If she had one wish it would be to meet Ciara. When asked if there was anything else that she wanted people to know about her, she decided that she really wants people to know how much she loves basketball.