Juggling Jeff and a Water Day

What a blessing it was to have the Southside Church of Christ youth group at Fortress this week! It was so evident how excited they were to be here, and we loved having them! Southside Church of Christ is located only a few miles from Fortress, but they stayed in our building and allowed themselves to have the full experience anyway. Many of them had their eyes and hearts opened to a part of Fort Worth that they were not in touch with before this week. 

Southside seemed to really get a lot out of their Urban Experiences this week.

One group from Southside during their poverty simulation. They receive the amount of money that a typical family on welfare would receive, and they have to cook a meal for their whole group from that money!
Another Southside group learning about African American history through Evans Plaza in the Fortress neighborhood during the prayer drive.
The students are asked to think deeply about what they learn at Evans Plaza, which can be a very eye-opening experience.
One of our lead interns, Claire, talks to the group about some of our kids experiences before the students pray over our neighborhood.

After a long day with the kids, and Urban Experiences, the Southside youth group still took the time to prepare their craft for the next day. Our kids got to make duct tape shoes this week, and they LOVED it!

We had a very special guest, Juggling Jeff, at Fortress on Tuesday. He captured the attention of our kids, and was able to share the gospel with them through his unique talents.

Juggling Jeff doing what he does best...juggling!
Juggling Jeff unicycling with one of our kids on his shoulders. Don't worry, he's a professional!

Since our PreK-1st grade does not go on the Thursday field trips, they got to had their very own water day this week. They had a blast!
Zak, Jay and Alena posing for the camera.
Vik, Deshawn, and Manuel were kings of the big pool!
DJ was all about the Slip and Slide.

This was a terrific week with Southside Church of Christ. We love their energy, and cannot wait to have them back next year!