I Live a Life of Luxury

Today's featured blogger is Leslie Ann Mahaffey. She is 18 years old and a member of the Southside Church of Christ youth group.

Today was the first official day of Fortress activities [for our group]. I was both nervous and excited to be able to help here. Nervous because, let me be honest, I'm not very good with kids, but excited because I love to serve the city I live in.

Leslie Ann (right) and her buddy Johana (left)
We were all assigned to groups, and within our groups we were all assigned to buddies. I have the Leonardo group which is also known as the middle school group. My two buddies, or shall I just call them friends, are two sixth grade girls, Johana and Jesi. Johana and Jesi are both kind of quiet, but both two very awesome kids! They both can be extremely funny, all the middle schoolers in general are. I also got to talk to a girl named Kya. It was awesome because she started to talk to me about criminal shows, which I've pretty much watched them all. We got into a huge talk about that and that ended up being one of the highlights of my day.

My favorite highlight of the day was getting to see a pro-juggler named Jeff. He just took my breath away on how incredible he was. There are really no words to tell you just how good he was, I think you just need to see him for yourself. The kids all loved him. The coolest thing about Jeff was that he used his juggling to talk about God.

When the kids left we got to go on an Urban Experience. My group of people went to give water out to the homeless on Lancaster. It was a really eye opening experience. It made me realize how much I take for granted, things such as air conditioning and food. Think about it: when we get how, we go inside our  homes and cool off, and when we are hungry we go and eat out of our pantries and refrigerators. But imagine if you didn't have that. Imagine if you had to wait in line to try to get at least one decent meal or go to the nearest trashcan to find something just to nourish your body. Or, instead of air conditioning you sit in the heat all day with only water to keep you cool. I realized that to them, I am privileged, and I live a life of luxury. I realized also that they are so content with what little they do have and here I am always wanting more. I feel extremely convicted.

God put me here for a reason. Even though I kept saying, "No, I really shouldn't go," he told me, "Yes, you are going." I'm glad I am here and I love it. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me. I hope that whatever I do this week will bring glory to God. I hope that these middle schoolers will be blessed by myself and our group. Oh, and go group Leonardo!