A Blessing to our Community

Today's featured blogger is Trey Seawood. He is 17 years old and a member of the Southside Church of Christ youth group.

Trey with his buddies (left to right) Klarence, Fabian, Elijah, and Adrian
Today, the second day of Fortress, was kind of fun and exciting. Fortress activities have been a great experience to me and I really enjoy it. The buddies in my group are really fun and I get closer to them each day. My group name is "Donatello," and I have a total of four buddies. My buddies are Fabian, Adrian, Klarence, and Elijah. Yes, four kids sounds like a handful I know, haha! But it's actually not bad at all. They are really good kids and I enjoy being there to help them.

Fortress is a great program and a blessing to the kids in our community. Fortress also shows us, the Southside youth group, a lot of new experiences and shows us the culture around us. Today we went around the area to pray for the community around us and learn more about it. It was really fun and interesting and it feels really good to be here to help. Not only is Fortress a blessing to the kids, it is also a blessing to me.