Meet DJ

DJ (l) and his cousin Trey (r)
Five-year-old DJ is one of most joyful kids you'll ever meet.He lives with his mom, dad, sister Kya and brother Leonard. At home, DJ likes to read his books and play with his toys (especially his water gun). He loves his family, especially his mom, because she makes sure he has everything he wants. He loves to go shopping with her and pick out toys and new books.

At school, DJ enjoys getting to read as many books as he can get his hands on. He is very proud to be a good reader already, and can recite his ABCs flawlessly. He boasts good behavior, and takes home "smiley faces" every day. He says that since starting school, he's made 100 new friends!

At Fortress, DJ loves to cook and to eat. He especially loves chips! DJ's favorite memory at Fortress is going on a field trip to see Fort Worth Christian play football. He really likes his class, and his favorite teachers are Ms. Shanique, Ms. Shelby, Ms. Kelsey, Ms. Brianna, Ms. Dani and Ms. Aundrea. DJ is a social butterfly and makes friends with everyone he meets here at Fortress.

When DJ grows up, he wants to be a superhero that can fly in the sky. Whether on the ground or in clouds, we know that DJ is going to soar wherever he goes!