Meet Arianna

Britney (l) and Arianna (r) have become great pals this year
Arianna is a vibrant 9-year-old with an unstoppable energy. She lives with her mom and dad, her 3-year-old sister Alena and her dog Emma. At home, Arianna likes to play dancing games on the Wii or watch her favorite show, Hannah Montana. She loves spending time with her family, too, whether by playing Uno together or taking the family dog to the park.

Arianna is really enjoying being a 3rd-grader, and soaks in everything she can at school. If she has to narrow it down, Arianna says her favorite subjects would be math, reading and art. Arianna is an avid reader and her favorite book is The Princess and the Frog. When she grows up, Arianna wants to be a teacher so she can share her love of reading with kids all the time.

At Fortress, Arianna gets excited every week for Thursday, when her mentor Ms. Beth comes. Arianna loves Ms. Beth because she plays games with her, bakes cookies and gives her presents. Arianna has also made a lot of new friends at Fortress, including Britney and Breanna, who she walks home with. She especially looks up to 8th-grader Britney, who she thinks is very funny. Her favorite room at Fortress is the homework room where she gets all the help she needs completing her assignments and where she learns new things every day.

Arianna is a goofy, joyful young girl. Fortress wouldn't be the same without her!