Meet Ja'Vuntae

10-year-old Ja'Vuntae knows how to dream big. The oldest of three, Ja'Vuntae lives with his mom and dad, his sister Ja'Caila, his brother Michael, and his pit bull Latorious.

At home, Ja'Vuntae loves to spend his time outside, either by playing with his cousins or by riding his RipStik. When the weather keeps him indoors, Ja'Vuntae likes to watch TV. He says his favorite channels are Animal Planet and Food Network. Ja'Vuntae loves how his family treats him, saying they make sure he gets everything he needs and wants. He makes sure to repay his family for their love and kindness by buying them Christmas presents and making them Valentine's cards.

At Fortress, Ja'Vuntae really likes the new basketball court where he gets to play one-on-one with his Fortress friends. He also enjoys playing on the Kinect after he's finished his homework and eating dinner with his pals. His favorite dinner at Fortress is nachos loaded with cheese and chili. Ja'Vuntae looks forward to Wednesdays at Fortress because he gets to break his normal routine and hang out with his mentor, Rob.

Ja'Vuntae plays football in his spare time and is very dedicated to the game. Despite breaking his foot at a recent practice, Ja'Vuntae makes sure to be at the games supporting his teammates. Ja'Vuntae's passion for football reaches far -- he dreams of being a pro football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, where he hopes to play quarterback, running back, tight end, defensive end and linebacker.

When asked if there's anything else we should know about him, Ja'Vuntae made sure to mention that he loves orange chicken and rice, and that he's going to dress up as Scream for Halloween. More importantly, he lets us know every day with his enthusiasm and his energy that he's going to go far!